Your Tinfoil Hat Is Making Us All Look Crazy

So, here we are: 16 September with Operation Jade Helmover and done and nothing terrible has occurred. For the record, you will notice that I didn’t talk much here on Backwoods Survival Blogabout all the hysteria going around, largely instigated by the Tinfoil Hat crowd that tends to see a conspiracy around literally every corner. This is because, while I did vigilantly keep an eye out on things, I wasn’t really worried. 
Unfortunately, many in our little subculture haven’t yet learned that there is a line (and not a terrible thin line either) between facts and hear-say, facts representing tangible evidence. Stepping over that line, especially when doing so becomes a habit for you, results in a situation where you can become a distraction and even a danger to the rest of us. The Prepper / Survivalist subculture already has something of a poor reputation that the majority of us are working every day to try to overcome. Normal everyday people have unfortunately been goaded into believing that we are all crazy by popular media and a politically-motivated Administration, despite the fact that the federal government themselves encourages preparedness and most of our beliefs fall directly in line with the U.S. Constitution. Being perfectly honest (because I’m known to be a bit of a blunt bastard), it is the very loud minority among our little subculture with an obsession for conspiracy theories who is impeding our efforts to try to change those false perceptions about us and for what we stand. 

Please understand that I’m not advocating a lack of vigilance or a stance of complete trust in the government. In fact, nobody who knows me would ever think I would say that. To be honest, I consider blind trust in ANYTHING to be the province of children. I’m for ALWAYS questioning EVERYTHING, but there’s a right and a wrong way to go about that process. The greatest tool/weapon/skill any Prepper / Survivalist will ever possess is situational awareness, but that awareness should manifest itself in the form of astute observation and examination, rather than constantly “crying wolf.”
Because you know how that story goes, right? When you’re constantly “crying wolf” about every little thing, you only succeed in making it more likely people won’t heed warnings they really should when/if that time actually does manifest as a future threat. Observe, examine, be vigilant, enjoy listening to Alex Jones and his ilk (I do too); but don’t be one of the crazies who gives our movement a bad name, that’s all I’m saying. Preppers / Survivalists have enough trouble in that particular area already that we are struggling to overcome. 
And this doesn’t only apply to the Operation Jade Helm hysteria, but likewise to talk of FEMA concentration camps, crazy conspiracy theories about vaccines, etc. For Christ’s sake, we just had a large cross-section of people expecting the end of the world in December 2012, based solely on some vague things printed in a book written decades ago and then grabbed a hold of and used by others to make money off of all the hysteria and pseudoscience. And this is despite folks like me saying all along that it would amount to nothing. There are plenty of real threats out there for us to worry about without wasting time and making ourselves look like psychos by harping about things that can be debunked by spending 15 minutes on Google and using a little common sense. Again, this doesn’t mean your ear shouldn’t constantly be to the ground. Preparedness is all about heightened vigilance, but some of us truly need to learn how to weigh the information we are given and not simply fall in line with everything someone tells us to believe.