“Urban Preppers with Kids, Pets & Parents; Disaster Survival for the Family” by James G. Mushen

This week’s book review will concern a nonfiction title: “Urban Preppers with Kids, Pets & Parents; Disaster Survival for the Family” by James G. Mushen (Kindle edition).  Geared toward its audience of the everyday urban/suburban individual (the majority of the population) with a beginner or intermediate level knowledge of Survivalism / Prepping, this book makes for a worthy addition — in my opinion — to the general compendium of emergency preparedness information available.

It is well-written, easy to understand, and covers a great deal of information in such a way that is not likely to bog down the reader.  And, when I say it covers a “great deal of information,”I’m not kidding — we’re talking about a tome of just under 500 pages of useful emergency preparedness info.

Be advised: this is not a book that is going to teach you how to survive in the event of a long-term Black Swan societal collapse -type event where folks will be murdering each other for gasoline and Coca-Cola Mad Max-style.  What it will do, however, is help you get prepared for the much more mundane, yet much more likely-to-occur scenarios, and it will do so using everyday language (very light on jargon) in short chapters that are quick to read.  These self-contained chapters can continue to be accessed later as reference material.  Very useful.  The specific attention devoted to how best to assist and take care of pets, the elderly, and folks with disabilities in an emergency situation was a particularly nice touch.