Top 5 Sites for Buying Canned and Other Food for Storage

In an emergency situation, you never know how long you may have to go without being able to replenish your existing supplies.  Therefore, it is important to stock up on canned and other food storage items, in addition to other emergency supplies.

When you need to buy canned and other food for storage, these are five of the top Internet sites that you should consider using.

In addition to food and water supplies, there are other items that you may need for the long haul.  These sites offer water purification systems, emergency power equipment, and other products that you might need in an emergency situation.  In addition, they provide the flexibility of letting you call in your order by phone during business hours, or you can place it online 24 hours a day.  These five sites also offer secure shopping and they accept credit cards online.  They also ship products quickly and have easy to understand return policies.

Augason Farms, founded in 1972, produces and manufactures its own goods.  The company’s first product was Morning Moos, a whey-based milk alternative that tastes like 2% milk and has a long shelf life.  The company is popular for making many of their products, including soups, sauces, drinks, entrees, and bakery goods, from scratch.  They also offer a line of gluten-free products.

Buy Emergency Foods is known for offering a variety of meals, including 19 entrees and four breakfasts.  Their products do not contain genetically modified organisms, and also do not contain MSG.  Buy Emergency Foods also offers gluten-free options, nitrogen flushed mylar pouches, and include oxygen absorbers in every pouch.  In addition, the company boasts the guaranteed lowest price online. 

Don’t forget other emergency supplies

The Ready Store offers everything from entrees, meats, eggs, and fruits, to pasta, potatoes, grains, flours, and snacks.  They offer a variety of brands, such as Saratoga Arms, Mountain House, OvaEasy, and SeedSafe.  From pork-free, shellfish-free, and soy-free products to tree-nut-free, low sodium, and gluten- and lactose-free, The Ready Store carries a range of products to meet every need.

Camping Survival offers canned meat, cheese, and butter, in addition to canned rice, cocoa, peanut butter, white corn, and black beans.  In addition, the site carries survival blankets, stoves, and backpacks and bags.  Gas masks and nuclear protection items are also available, in addition to radios, ropes, and pet products.  Camping Survival even sells apparel and footwear, and as expected from the site’s title, you can purchase tents, compasses, and flashlights.

BPFS Group, founded in 1994, sells a variety of storable food.  The site features canned cheddar cheese, imported from Australia.  Another offering is canned butter, which is imported from New Zealand, and is real–not powdered butter.  In addition, the site carries real canned meats and real handmade beef jerky.  In addition to dry foods and food packs, they also carry non-food items, such as non-hybrid seed packs, sprouting seeds, and sprouters.  Other items include survival, cooking, and recipe books and no-rinse waterless bathing products.