The Mogambo Guru: Garfield gets it

A quote:
“… The companies in the S&P; 500 have been paying out $21.45 in dividends, which is whole multiples of the $7.90 that they have been actually earning, probably explaining why the index sells at a price so high (over $1,000), that the price-to-earnings ratio is 128! Hahaha! Unbelievable! Hahaha!

So, as the kids rightfully pointed out, the companies in the S&P; 500 are paying more than they are making, and so there must be a way for me to pay them more than I make, too, and the only reason that I don’t give them more money to offset their rising costs is that I am stingy and hateful, which is true but not breaking any new ground, just as it is also true that buying these stocks at the price of the index would take an investor 128 years of getting everything the companies earn just to break even! Hahahaha!…”