The Emergency Internet Bunkers

“… A high point on the Iowa plains is home to a handful of buildings.

Whitewashed and nondescript, only the mast beside them hints at their former use. Built at the height of the Cold War, these are the access points to a hardened underground bunker; a hidden world of reinforced doors, concrete floors 5ft thick and walls lined with welded-seam steel to reflect the electromagnetic pulse of a thermonuclear explosion.

Once a critical hub in the US Government’s communications network, the bunker formed part of a chain of underground transmission sites. Now it’s home to the USSHC, also known as the US Secure Hosting Center…

… The vault doors that seal off the silo were built to withstand the blast effects, heat and 800mph-plus winds of a 20-megaton nuclear blast, but the technology they now protect was barely dreamt of when they first swung open…

… Man-made conflict is only one of the risks against which USSHC considers itself immune. The site where it sits is more than two miles from – and 200m above – the nearest flood plain.

It has two wells and a large enough water-storage facility to keep running water for a fortnight in the unlikely event they should both run dry…”