PREPPER PRODUCT REVIEW: Mountain House Grilled Chicken Breasts with Rib Meat and Mashed Potatoes

I was pretty excited about the prospect of sampling the Mountain House Grilled Chicken Breasts with Rib Meat and Mashed Potatoesfreeze-dried meal, both because I am a huge fan of their products as well as the fact that the packaging made it appear as though this particular variety might actually live up to the typical labeling of each pouch containing two servings, which – as you would know if you’ve been reading my reviews of these meals – would be damn near the first time that actually proved to be accurate. And, I’m happy to report success on both counts!

This meal represents both an honest to goodness meat entree, which is somewhat rare, as well as definitely producing enough food to feed either a meal to two people or two meals for one person. You’ll notice if you follow the link that it’s a slight bit more pricey than other entrees, but at $9.29 (price accurate at the time of this writing) it’s actually a better value than some of the other meals. You’re getting a freeze-dried meal with a 15 year shelf life (even longer if you’re buying in #10 cans as opposed to the mylar pouches) for south of $5. Not bad at all when it comes to long-term food storage.

The instructions called for you to submerge the meat in water for a few minutes in order to allow it to rehydrate, then remove the breast fillets and use the same water to do the same with the mashed potatoes. And, this meal also enjoys the notoriety of being the first I’ve made in this way where I would have been better off going ahead and mixing it in the mylar pouch as called for, rather than using my actual kitchenware. As you can see in the photo above, the meat wasn’t completely submerged, because apparently I had a brain fart and forgot that things float in water. Completely my bad. It resulted in their being a couple of spots in each fillet that were just a bit tough. Almost crunchy, actually. Still perfectly edible, however. They pretty much rehydrated after just a couple of seconds in my mouth. Next time, I’ll use the mylar pouch even at home.