“Point of Crisis” by Steven Konkoly

In continuation of previous weeks, this Doomer Fiction book review will discuss the novel “Point of Crisis” by Steven Konkoly(Kindle edition), which represents the 3rd installment in the “The Perseid Collapse” series. I previously reviewed the first two books in the series: “The Perseid Collapse” and “Event Horizon”over the past few weeks as well as “The Jakarta Pandemic” some time ago, which more or less stands now as a prequel to this more recent series. You can go ahead and laugh at me, by the way, because the 4th novel isn’t being released for several more days and I’m so anxious to read it that I barely know what to do with myself.

This installment continues the epic post-apocalyptic story immediately in the aftermath of the intense attack of the Fletcher family compound by elements of the Maine Liberty Militia under the leadership of the psychopath Eli Russell. It is amazing to me that the first two novels in the series could possibly have contained so much action, while quite literally taking place over a matter of only a few days, but rest assured that this third installment doesn’t let up at all when it comes to the fast pace of the action. This novel also takes things in an interesting direction, keeping up with the theme of the survival of the Fletcher family and their friends in an uncertain world, while simultaneously broadening the scope to include an examination of the inner workings of the burgeoning Regional Recovery Zonelocated in southern Maine.

Our main character, former Marine Capt. Alex Fletcher, recognizes the boon provided to his people by keeping himself tied to the Marine Battalion that has given him a provisional return to his previous active service rank in exchange for him acting as an intelligence officer with respect to local militia groups (turns out that he had previously researched these groups extensively and even interviewed members for a series of articles he authored after the events depicted in “The Jakarta Pandemic” but before the current collapse). As a result, both working toward maintaining this relationship for his family’s sake as well as a sense of duty to protect the safety of the people of the region results in him doggedly pursuing his mission to help secure the Regional Recovery Zone, including reaching out to the leadership of a local friendly militia in an attempt to form a partnership between the community and the government. Yet, the more his new position allows him freedom to delve into the details of the arrangement, the less secure he feels about the truth of the government’s intentions. And, all the while, he remains borderline obsessed with the idea of ending Eli Russel and with him the looming threat that still hangs over the heads of his family and friends.