“Getting Home” by Alex Smith

This week, I’m taking a break from the world of Doomer Fiction and reviewing the Non-Fiction instructional title, “Getting Home”by Alex Smith (Kindle edition).

This book is very informative, especially for beginning Preppers / Survivalists or those who have been doing this stuff for a while now, but are just recently getting started with things like bug-out bags, etc. (i.e. me).

Basically, it covers different strategies of preparedness, including Every Day Carry (EDC) Bags; Get Home Bags (GHBs) and car-based survival kits; Day Packs (to supplement the EDC); choosing the right vehicle and outfitting it for survival; what kind of supplies to stash in plain sight at your place of employment to assist you in a disaster situation; and, pre-positioning caches of supplies along your route home.  There’s also a very informative section on which firearm is best for everyday carry that, basically, mirrors my own philosophy i.e. everyone is different and should carry whichever weapons they can use with the best confidence and results, regardless of caliber.

Another plus in favor of this book is its relative brevity.  At only 138 pages, it’s a quick read that gives you a lot of valuable information without allowing you time to get bored.

My only real complaints are: A.) It gets repetitive in parts, but, considering the author is describing items that are to be carried in a differing arrangement of bags/kits and that the Cardinal rule of emergency preparedness is redundancy (two is one and one is none), I can’t really call that a terrible problem; and, B.) It’s a very short read, which — oddly enough — is also something I liked most about it.  Not having the chance to get bored is a good thing, but it seemed to end just as I was getting into it.

In my opinion, this book is worth a read and can even serve as a valuable reference title in your emergency preparedness / survivalism library.