“Dispatches” by Steven Konkoly

It is always sad when a good thing comes to an end, so it’s with a heavy heart that I review the novel “Dispatches” by Steven Konkoly (Kindle edition) this week. If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll know that I’ve spent the last few weeks reviewing each of the four novels that make up “The Perseid Collapse” series and that I have really enjoyed them. Well, this most recent – and final – installment was no different. If you need proof of that, simply look at the date I’m publishing this review versus the date the novel was actually released; it hit my Kindle barely 72 hours ago, and I’ve already completely digested it and written this article about it. Even for a pretty avid reader like myself, that is high praise.

As bittersweet as it is to have a series that you have truly enjoyed come to an end along with the understanding that beloved characters must now be put aside, I must admit that this final installment does a better than adequate job of addressing some important concerns most readers likely had after finishing the previous novel in what was meant originally to be a trilogy. These concerns were:  1.)What fate will ultimately become of the Fletcher family that we’ve gotten to know over the course of the four novels before this one (the author’s previous title “The Jakarta Pandemic” followed the same family several years before this series, serving as a prequel); and,  2.) With this series up to that point concentrated largely with in the American Northeast region of New England and mostly the state of Maine, just what has been occurring throughout the world at large as a result of the majority of the United States being thrown into a state of anarchy and thus our nation withdrawing from the world geopolitical stage? And, as I stated previously, those types of questions are given very satisfying resolutions through this final bookend installment. 

These novels aren’t the only ones credited to this author, and I’ve got to say he’s a talented enough guy that I’ll definitely be checking out some of his other work. I will definitely miss the Fletcher family, though, and likely be harboring quiet hopes to hear from them again sometime in the future when some other disaster strikes their region. A guy can hope, can’t he? In the meantime, there’s also an entire universe of stories coming to light as other authors are publishing novellas set within the same world in which these novels take place via Kindle World. Essentially, you take the situation that this author has created and write your own story, which is unbelievably intriguing. Basically, there are no limits as to the different settings or available story material, so feel free to delve in.