A Rash of Unexpected Military Exercises in U.S. Cities Leaves Residents Terrified — What Is Coming?

Numerous times in just a few days, we have seen large-scale urban warfare exercises being conducted in American cities, first in Miami and then in Houston.  And, when I say large-scale, I mean complete with full-auto machine guns (firing blanks) and swooping attack helicopters. 

These have been joint-exercises with the military and police forces, and the ordeals have been terrifying for residents who claim they were not warned ahead of time in any way.  It was described as feeling like a “warzone,” as these poor people didn’t even have any way of knowing that the rounds being fired weren’t real.  The Houston incident even resulted in a school being locked-down briefly, until they could verify if the threat was real or not, and an ambulance being dispatched (the police were aware of the exercises, but nobody bothered to clue-in the Fire/Rescue services).  And now, I’m hearing rumors of a similar event that’s set to occur in Chicago and another in Pennsylvania (a rumor reported by the Harrisburg, Pennsylvania ABC affiliate).

What the Hell is going on?

The stated reason for these exercises was as training for overseas deployments.  But, aren’t we pairing-down in Iraq and Afghanistan?  And don’t we have tons of isolated training areas?  And, if it’s about overseas deployments, then why are the police involved?

I tend to try to steer clear of the tinfoil hat stuff on this blog, unless I think it’s — at least — plausible, but one has to wonder.  The Internet is absolutely alive with reports of the DHS buying-up UnGodly amounts of ammo and thousands of so-called “assault rifles” for “personal defense” (while, at the same time, trying to ban their ownership by civilians).  This, of course, is both curious as well as a bit terrifying, seeing as how DHS does not operate on foreign soil — only here… so who do they plan to be shooting at?

Well. considering that the 2nd Amendment is under attack, and Preppers, “Liberty Lovers,” and gun enthusiasts are being demonized as potential domestic terrorists; you do the math.

It isn’t a conspiracy theory, at this point, to believe something big is coming.  They’re preparing; you had better be as well.