Top 10 Reasons You Should Protect Your Family with an Alarm System


As the head of your household, you know it is your duty to protect your family.  So you may put a dog in your yard or a baseball bat under the bed, or even a gun in your cabinet with this goal in mind.  But these measures may not be enough to stymie a burglar, thug, or home invader that targets the place where your family lives.

That’s why it’s so vital for you to install an alarm system in your home. Here are ten more reasons why this is a smart idea:

1. To deter criminals.  You know that little sign on your lawn or sticker on your window that tells the world you have an alarm system?  That little object by itself can be enough to deter a significant number of criminals from targeting your home.

2. To scare away prowlers or thieves.  The minute that an intruder opens a door or a window in your home, a loud sound greets him.  Because he doesn’t want to draw undue attention to himself, the crook will probably flee the scene empty-handed. 

3. To shorten the response time for law enforcement.  Alarm systems have a “panic button” feature that lets you press a button and activate the alarm immediately.  So, if you feel threatened or think a burglar is trying to enter your home, this feature takes much less time than trying to dial 911 and tell an operator the problem.

4. To detect smoke or fire.  Alarm systems can also be connected to smoke detectors and heat sensors that can provide an early warning in case a fire breaks out.  Not only does an audible alarm sound to alert the home’s occupants, but the fire department is notified immediately as well.

5. To detect odorless gases.  Units that can detect natural gas, radon, and/or carbon monoxide can be tied into an alarm system to alert the homeowner to the potential deadly threat that these odorless gases can cause. 

6. To alert you to broken windows.  If you’re away from your home a lot, a broken window can be an invitation to criminals.  But alarm systems have glass breakage detectors that can notify you and the police if a window is broken by a fallen branch, a neighbor’s baseball, or an intruder.

7. To let you monitor your home remotely.  Many alarm systems now have features that allow you to monitor your alarm system from your computer or smartphone.  If your system has surveillance cameras, these can be viewed remotely as well.

8. To introduce you to the world of home automation.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could control your home’s lights, thermostat, locks, and more from your smartphone or computer?  Alarm systems can provide the framework for a handy home automation system that lets you do all this and more.

9. To earn you an insurance discount.  Almost all homeowner’s insurance policies give you a discount if your home is equipped with a monitored alarm system.  That’s because insurance companies know that losses from burglary or fire are generally less in homes with alarm systems – which means fewer costly insurance claims for them.

10. To give you peace of mind.  And you really can’t put a price on that, can you?