10 Tools to Bring With You on a Hunt

Whether hunting for food or as a form of outdoor entertainment, hunting is a wonderful sport. However, hunting is also very dangerous on so many levels. The best way for hunters to avoid serious problems and accidents is through preparedness. Here are 10 tools every hunter should take with them on the hunt.

1. First-Aid Kit

If nothing else is taken, a first-aid kit is a must. The handling of guns and bows is extremely dangerous. The environment is fraught with danger. Wild animals are also dangerous to pursue. If all of these factors are combined, the possibility of injury becomes infinitely higher. Complete first aid kits have saved many a life. The quicker an injury is administered to in some fashion, the more likely an individual is to survive. 

2. Reliable Guns and Ammunition

Hunters need to take good care of their tools. This is especially true with weapons. Guns should always be checked, cleaned and properly stored in order to assure optimum functionality. The hunter also needs to make sure they are using the right ammunition. If hunting big game such as bears, it is recommended that the hunter also take a side arm just in case issues arise with their rifle/shotgun/bow. 

3. Communication Device

Most hunting is done in remote areas. The access to roads and hospital is usually limited. A fully charged cell phone or two-way radio is essential in order to contact others for help in emergency situations.

4. GPS Device

Thanks to modern technology, the ability to locate people, places and things has been greatly enhanced. Hunters going into rough and remote terrains should always take some type of GPS locator to help others find them should they come up missing.

5. Fresh Water

Humans can survive a long time without food. Besides, most hunting destinations usually have some type of species or vegetation that is acceptable as a food source. The real problem comes when humans are unable to find a safe water source causing dehydration. Always take fresh water.

6. Flashlight and Batteries

Even though an outing might be schedule for daytime only, things happen and the last thing someone wants is to be lost in the woods with no light. A flashlight improves the chances of finding food, shelter and a way out when it’s dark outside. 

7. Toilet Paper

When you have to go, you have to go. The last thing someone wants is to use leaves that will create problems in a place humans don’t want a problem. 

8. Rope or Cord

Survivalists will tell you that a rope is the most important tool. It has so many practical uses that it’s hard to imagine going out into the wilderness without it.

9. A Knife

A knife can be used for protection, to dig, to cut, to saw, to prepare/eat food, to build and the list goes on and on.

10. Hunting License

Nothing will ruin an excellent hunting adventure faster than claiming a prize kill only to run into a game warden without a valid hunting license. The possible fines/penalties are enough to make a grown man cry.